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Movement made easy.

The best way to learn proper form for exercises and physical therapy using augmented reality
Learn Proper Exercise Form with Move AR

Learn Proper Exercise Form with Move AR

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In the palm of your hand...

MOVE AR is a mobile app that uses augmented reality to teach proper form for exercises and physical therapy. It's made for people who want to improve their exercise form and for physical therapists who want to ensure their patients use correct form. 


Visualize exercises in augmented reality. Walk around to see the exercise from all angles. Perform exercises side-by-side with the example in AR.  Record and compare your form with the 3D model to improve. 

Learn from Experts

Using motion capture technology, MOVE AR has created custom exercise animations for each exercise to ensure accuracy in form. The exercises are performed by University of Michigan weightlifter, Zachary Kirsner.

How it works
Zachary Kirsner,
University of Michigan Weightlifting

"Removing the barrier of having to interact with a person makes exercising more accessible"

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